Olight S1R Baton II Cu Eternal

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I received the S1R Baton II Cu Eternal from Olight for the review.
The light shares the design with the regular S1R Baton II but the Eternal version is made out of copper and is a limited version that comes also with a more exclusive packaging.

The light comes in this box

as you can see I got the one with 12 as serial number

opening the box. Please note that the S1R II Baton Eternal is in a vacuum sealed plastic bag to prevent oxidation and preserve the finishing.

The Eternal comes with this nice card. Please note that I am writing the review and editing the pictures of this review on a TV screen and not my regular monitor. This, plus the super shiny finishing on the S1R Eternal can have slightly different color in different pictures. For what I can tell you, the color of the copper used for the S1R is very light, almost pink.

The Eternal comes withmanual, lanyard, charging cable, battery.

The Eternal in all its shining beauty.

The charging cable is the same of the regular S1R Baton II, with the same connector on the tailcap of the Eternal.

Same 2 part construction too

here is side to side with the regular aluminum S1R Baton II.

If you are looking for more info on the Eternal, I suggest to check my previous review on the S1R Baton II.

The S1R Baton II Cu Eternal limited edition can be purchased on www.olightstore.com
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Thanks to: AntoLed, Zampa.

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