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I received the Nitecore TUP from Nitecore for the review

The TUP is a compact EDC light, featuring a XP-L HD emitter, fuelled by an integrated 3.7 volt 1200mAh battery, rechargeable via micro USB. The TUP is available in 2 different body colours, black (the one I got), and grey.
The TUP is controlled using 2 electronic, backlit switches, and a OLED display.

The TUP comes in this box, with a splitring attachment, manual and guarantee card.

The TUP can be seen as a bigger, hi tech brother of the well known TIP from Nitecore.
The TUP measures 70 mm in length, and is 25mm thick at the head, while on the body it slims down to 17 mm. The width is the same through the whole light, 30 mm.
Here you can see it in the hand.

On one side, we have the 2 switches and the OLED display, while on the opposite side we have a removable clip, held in place by 2 phillips screws. The clip allows for a deep, although not flush, carry. It can be used to attach the light to a baseball cap, in order to use the TUP as a headlamp. It has good tension.

The front side, where the TIR optic is as big as you can get from a light of this size, around 20 mm in diameter.

At the other end of the light, there is a milling where a splitring is already installed from the factory. It prevents the TUP from tailstanding.
If you plan to remove it, I suggest to cut it in order to prevent damage to the anodisazion.

On the lateral side there’s the micro USB port for charging the light, covered by an hexagonal rubber cover.

The display shows several informations: like the mode you are currently into (either daily or demo), the level, the runtime, the battery voltage and a visual representation of the battery power left.
Ift is backlit and it has sharp digits and letters, allowing an easy read for the small size.

My camera can’t focus on the small digits when there is no Ambiental light, but I hope you can guess how well the display is readable in the dark

The interface is simple: the TUP has 5 levels, ultralow, low, medium, high and turbo.
The light has memory but there is a shortcut both for ultralow and turbo. Turbo output can only be accessed momentainly, while you keep the upper switch pressed.
The difference between the daily and the demo mode is that in demo mode the light will turn off 30” after your last touch of the switches; while in daily mode will remain on until you turn it off.
There are 2 additional lockout available, the lockout one allows the light to operate only at turbo mode, while the lockout 2 locks the light entirely.
If you were wondering, the TUP can run while being charged.

Output and runtime
Both tested with the integrated battery

Beamshots at 0.5 meters from the wall

Outdoor beamshots

Thermal Test

Video type not currently supported.

My thoughts
The light is well built and finished.
I like the interface. You have direct access to lowest and highest mode. The demo mode will significantly limit any accidental discharging of the battery; if you are more concerned about accidental activation, 2 lockouts are available. I would have liked that, in lockout 2 mode, you could still be able to see the charge of the battery (instead, you can only see the symbol that stands for lockout 2).
The display conveys useful information and adds a touch of hi-tech for us flashlight enthusiasts.
The light can run while being charged, so if you have a rigid USB cable you can use it effectively as a long running point light.
The regulation is fine at all tested levels. The Turbo mode regulation depends upon the temperature of the light: running continuously will mean getting a lower output soon, while running turbo mode with a fan or in a very windy environment can substain the high output for longer. For real application, a good compromise can be achieved by turning it on and off with a little pause in between, as shown in the graphic.
The level spacing is good, I would have liked another level between the 200 continuous lumens of the high mode and the 1000 lumens of the turbo.

I like the TUP as an EDC techy light, it will follow me as an EDC in my working bag for the future.
I would like to see this light come in a NW version.

Thanks to: Won, Zampa, AntoLed.

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