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I received the Trustfire T62 from Trustfire for the review.

The T62 features a XHP70 emitter that can be powered either via 2 18650 or 3 18650.

The T62 comes in this box

Inside the box: manual, 18650 extender tube (to go from 2×18650 to 3×18650), lanyard, spare o-rings.

Here’s the T62 in the 2×18650 configuration

And here with the extension for the 3×18650

Here’s the XHP70 in the OP reflector

The threads are thick and well done, but come dry out of the box.

The tailcap allows easy access to the mechanical switch, but also tailstands.

The UI is simple, the light doesn’t have memory and each time you press the mechanical forward switch, the light turn on at Turbo mode, then cycle between turbo-high -low-strobe-sos, in loop.
Beamshots at 1 meter

Outdoor Beamshots

Output and runtime
All testing was done using 2×18650 2600mAh 18650 cells with PCB.

If you want to see a video beamshot

My thoughts
The light is well built and finished, although the anodisation looks more shiny than the one of other flashlights I reviewed in the past with HA III.
The output is pretty much consistent with the specs, and the regulation is fine, although I am not impressed with the thermal management: when using a fan there is only a small difference in the runtime plots.
With more than 3000 lumen available, I would like to have more levels to have better spacing between the modes.
I am not crazy about having to go through strobe and SOS each time I cycle through the modes.

I wish this light came with a clip, a sheath and in a NW version.

Thanks to: AntoLed, Won, Zampa.

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