Nitecore MH25GTS

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I received the MH25GTS from Nitecore for the review.

The light comes in this box, with manual, spare o-rings, clip, cigar ring and holster.

At the head there’s an electronic switch with a metal cover and a blue LED underneath it

The Smooth reflector and the XHP35HD emitter.

At the tailcap, beside the mechanical forward switch, there’s micro USB for charging and the lanyard holes.

Inside the body there’s a second inner tube to bring the signal of the electronic additional switch.

Below the threads for the tailcap, on the body there’s a second series of threads that are used to secure the metal cigar ring.

In the hand

The cordura sheath that comes with the light.

Beamshots at 0.5 meters from the wall

Output and runtime
All measured with a Nitecore IMR 3500mAh battery.

Thermal video

My thoughts

The light is well built and finished.

The runtime and the regulation on the tested levels is good. the thermal regulation is there and works.

I like the UI with direct access to turbo and lowest level.

The only doubt I have on this light is the cover of the USB port, it doesn’t stay in place very tightly.

I’d like to see this light come in a nw version.
Thanks to: AntoLed, Zampa

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