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Due to the lack of time, this review is published in reduced form.
I received the Fenix HP30R from BangGood for the review.
Here is the purchase link, and you can save 22% with the coupon: b6324f

The HP30R is a new headlamp from Fenix. Ideally, it is new and upgraded version of the HP25R.
The HP30R features 3 emitters: a XM-L2 CW emitter in a big and smooth reflector, providing a throw beam, and a couple of XP-G2 R5 NW emitters in 2 separate TIR optics, providing a flood beam.
This double beam feature was also present on the HP25R, but now on the HP30R you have an additional XP-G2 emitter, and it is possible to turn on both beams at the same time, and you can customize independently the output for each mode.
The HP30R is powered by a separated, detachable battery pack. The battery pack can be fed with 2 x 18650 or 2 x CR123 cells. If you power it with 2 x 18650, the battery pack can work as a power bank and can be recharged via micro USB port.
The HP30R comes ready to use with 2 Fenix 18650 2600mAh cells.

The HP30R comes in this box.

These items come within the box:
1 – Cable Clip
1 – Top headband mount
1 – Spare O-ring
1 – Belt Clip
1 – USB charging cable
2 – Cable buckle
2 – ARB-L18-2600 2600mAh 18650 rechargeable Li-ion batteries

The headlamp (77x52x34 mm, 285 grams) and the battery pack (115x56x30 mm).

The headlamp itself reminds the shape of the HP25R: the central part is occupied by the XM-L2 emitter and its reflector, at the side there are the 2 XP-G2 emitters.

On top of the light there are the 2 electronic switches, and when the lamp is set in a vertical position, the switch can’t be accessed because they are covered by a part of the headband adapter.

it can’t be removed from the plastic headband adapter, and it tilts with several angle settings, with strong clicks obtained between the metal teeth on the head and the thick plastic headband adapter.

The battery pack is made of metal, except the pommel. It has a removable metal add on cage with a sturdy belt clip.

On the cap of the battery pack there is a rubber cover that protects the USB port (that allows to use the battery pack as a powerbank) and the micro USB port (that allows to recharge the 18650 in the battery pack);

on top of it there’s also a battery meter, activated by the nearby electronic switch.

Untwisting the plastic pommel you can open the battery compartment.

The connector, responsible of the connection between the battery pack and the headlamp has a few bumps in order to give some resistance to the pulling and some waterproofness (the HP30R is rated IP66).

Note that the battery pack isn’t made to be held on the headband, but it can be clipped on your belt or you can put it into your pocket or your backpack.

The cables of the HP30R are thick and quite strong, I don’t think I will have problem with them breaking down on me.



Output and runtime
Both measured with the provided Fenix 2600mAh 18650 cells, at room temperature.

My thoughts
The light is well built and finished.
The HP30R does well where the HP25R had some limitations: movable battery pack (good to relief the head from the weight or to protect the cells against very cold temperatures, since now you can keep it in your jacket or in a bag), double cell runtime, both beams can be used at the same time (and with different settings), great thermal regulation.

The bottomline is that the HP30R is a great headlamp, with a good runtime, charging/powerbank functions, dual beam, detacheable battery pack.
Remember that there are commercially available 3500mAh 18650 cells, that should be able to provide you roughly 25% more runtime compared to the 2600mAh cells that are provided and that I used for the review.

I wish the XM-L2 beam was NW too.

Thanks to: AntoLed for the camera help, beamshot help, luxmeter.

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