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I received the Olight S1R Baton II from Olight for the review.

Olight updated the promotion of the S1R Baton II

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The S1R Baton II is the new, updated version of the S1R Baton. It is still an EDC light, featuring a XM-L2 cool white emitter, powered by an IMR Li-ion 16340 battery, rechargeable via magnetic cable.

The S1R Baton II comes in this box, very elegantly packaged. Very detailed instructions about using the light for the first time, and a thank you message from Olight Staff.

The S1R Baton II comes with the IMR 16340 battery, charging cable, battery case, manual, lanyard, pouch.

Here you can see the yellow spacer that prevents parasitic drain and accidental activation in the box. Also notice that the S1R Baton II is composed only of head and body, no tailcap.

Here with the IMR 16340 proprietary cell.

The compact S1R Baton II in hands

The XM-L2 emitter is in a TIR optic and the blue bezel has engraved the output, 1000 Lumens, and the characteristic of the LED: 6500K, 70CRI.

One difference from the previous version is the knurling, more “heavy” and textured. It surely provides more grip. Also, on the electronic switch there is a multi color LED that acts as a battery meter.

Also, the electronic switch has a multicolor LED in it to indicate the state of the battery: Green, Yellow, Red.

The tailcap still hosts the magnetic contact system for charging the battery.

And allows the light to be attached to metallic surfaces.
In this pic you can see the two way clip with the lanyard hole (useful if you want to use a lanyard carrying the light in one direction, there is another lanyard hole at the tailcap if you want to use it while carrying in the opposite direction).

Despite the initial look, the magnetic charging cable is different:

The colored LED is now smaller and spot-like. It gets red when charging and green when charged.

Beamshots at 0.5 meters from the wall.
The beam is the classic one of the TIR optics: big bright spot (that in this sample is not squared as in other Olight optics, but circular) and big bright spill. Suited for close distances

Output and runtime

Thermal video (currently uploading, check in a while)

Video type not currently supported.

My thoughts
The light is well built and finished.
The S1R Baton II has great regulation on tested levels. It gets quite hot on high and turbo mode, but it surely packs a punch with more than 1000 Lumens from a small EDC light.

As I said in the other review of the previous version, the charging system is very easy to use and practical… But it only works with proprietary Olight’s battery. If you have several Olight’s flashlights, this feature won’t be an issue because Olight uses the same charging cable for multiple lights. The light can still be used with non-proprietary standard 16340 batteries, as long as they are IMR.

The changes compared to the previous version are welcome IMHO: more grippy knurling, better clip, circular spot, battery gauge. The only thing I’m not crazy for is the LED indicator on the charging cable. I would have liked it a bit bigger and brighter (but definitely not as bright as the old ones).

I would like to have this light available in a NW tint (maybe there is a new release planned?) and with a sheath.

Thanks to: AntoLed for the camera, the luxmeter, the thermal camera; Carmen Baz for the proofreading and translation; Zampa for the tripod.

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