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I received the Olight I1R from Olight for the Review.

The I1R is a new keychain – compact EDC light from Olight. It features a Philips LUXEON TX Emitter, in a small TIR optic, powered by a 10180 battery rechargeable via micro USB.

The I1R comes in this very nice sealed package

The light is nicely presented as you open the box, and under the light there are the cable and the user manual.

The I1R is very small, 14x41mm, and weights next to nothing (a tenth of grams).

Here is next to one of the small BIC lighters

Small but bright

On the tailcap, which allows tailstand, there is written the simple UI: twist partially to turn the light on at
low mode, fully tighten the head on the body to activate high mode.

Untwist the head to remove it from the body, showing access to the micro USB port for charging.
Don’t forget to remove the plastic spacer that insulates the light.

When charging the light, under the white space on the head a red LED will turn on, and when the charging is complete, the light will turn green.

Output and runtime

At 1 meter from the wall

The beam is a good beam for EDC purposes. Big bright spot that fades in the spill.

My thoughts
The light is well built and finished.
These 1×10180 lights are very useful in my opinion: they are so compact that you forget about them, and still pack a good power and have a decent runtime, considering the battery.
Compared to other 1×10180 lights of the same price range, this I1R has a different construction (the recharging port space is not made out of the threads, but is in on the shaft of the light.
This allows for a cleaner operation, as the port will not get any grease or other stuff that might get in the threads, and the o-ring still allows waterproofness of the port.
Another difference is that the 80mAh 10180 battery is not easily removable: you have to disassemble the light to access it.
The body and the head have some milling that helps the grip during the use of the light.

The simple, well known UI, along with a nice realization and a curated packaging might make of this light a nice simple gift.

I’d like to see this light come in a NW version.

Thanks to: AntoLed for the tripod, camera help, luxmeter.

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