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I received the H1 Nova from Olightstore.com for the review.

The H1 is a small headlamp with TIR optic, running CR123 or RCR. There is available a CW and a NW version. I got CW version

Here are the specs

  • Utilizes CREE XM-L2 LED (NW/CW) paired with bead lens, creating clearly divided focus and flood with a smooth transition
  • High light transmission rate TIR optic lens to deliver a balanced and soft beam
  • Five brightness levels and SOS mode covering 1~500 lumens
  • Compatible with CR123A or RCR123A (16340) rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Gradual brightness changes: When turned on/off on medium, high, and turbo modes, it will turn on or off gradually to protect the eyes from stimulation caused by sudden brightness changes
  • Low profile silicone switch located on the head of the headlamp for easy location and operation
  • Magnetic tail cap allows it to be attached to any ferrous surface for hands free work when being used as a standard light.
  • Runtime based thermal management program: Under the turbo mode, the headlamp stays at the maximum output for three minutes before gradually dropping down to the high mode after one minute.

The light comes in this box

The box contains this nice pouch

Everything comes well organized and displayed. The light is already mounted on the headband, with a CR123 battery inside.

Black HAIII anodization, magnet at the tailcap and squared anodized threads allow physical lockout.

The headband has a small rubber tab that helps to remove the light from the headband.

Not removable magnet in the tailcap. It is strong.

Battery goes in upside down

A couple of H1 on my desktop

It is a small light

Vs armytek wizard pro warm hicri

Standard Olight interface:
The light turns on and off with a single click.
From off, keep pressed the switch to turn the light on at moonlight
When the light is on keep pressed the switch to circle between low, mid and high mode.
The light has memory mode except for turbo (comes back on high).
Double click for turbo mode
Triple click for SOS.
Lockout mode: keep pressed the switch for more than 2seconds when the light is off. Re-do for unlocking the light.

Beamshot at 0.5 meters from the wall

The TIR optic give you a defined spot that disappears gradually as the distance increased, but the spill is wide enough to arrive almost at your feet. This is very good. I don’t want a light that will light 100 meters from me, but will make me stumble on a rock or in a hole because it starts to light 2 meters from me on.

The barrier on the right ends around at 70 meters

Output and runtime
Both measured with Olight IMR 16340 batteries.

My thoughts
Fit and finishes are good as you would expect from Olight.
I like the box: the light is well protected and well displayed. Good for a gift.
The UI is fine for me: I like access to lowest, highest and last used mode. I would have preferred to have strobe instead of SOS mode. I’d like an additional level, lower than moonlight.
Output and runtime are limited due to size and battery capacity, but this means that this is a small and light lamp.
The only protected battery I had was a Olight IMR 16340 with 550mAh. You can get other batteries with more capacity but I surely recommend protected batteries because unprotected batteries will be discharged.
I have red that the H1 can use the tailcap of the S1R and can recharge the Olight IMR proprietary battery with the olight magnetic base. I’d like to have they available as accessories.

Thanks to: AntoLed for the camera and the luxmeter.

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