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I received the Nitecore NTP40 from Nitecore for the review.
The NTP40 is a mechanical pencil made out of titanium alloy.

It comes in this box

Usually, tactical pens are made with a rather bulky and over-sturdy design, resulting in an object that looks great, but is almost impossible to use in the real world regularly.
That can be due to super aggressive knurling, high weight, and body with a squared profile.
The NTP40 is not a tactical pencil in that regard. It is very elegant in design and perfectly machined out of titanium alloy, while maintaining a regular mechanical pencil form factor.

The body is sleek except for some non-aggressive circular knurling near the tip, providing a comfortable grip while in use. I like how the body is finely brushed, plus it contrasts with the screws that keep the clip in place and with the cap that has a crystallized finish (to me it looks somehow stone-tumbled finished).

The NTP40 is not only good looking from the outside, the insides contribute to the functionality of the pencil. The mechanism is a German Schmidth Feinminen System, with a graphite diameter of 0.5 mm, widely available.

When assembled, the lead holder is kept in place with a threaded bezel that screws on the titanium body itself, resulting in a very firm and stable tip. It feels like it’s really part of the pencil.

Here are a few pics of all the part that the NTP40 is made of. All the threads are well made and work smoothly.

I definitely plan to keep and use the NTP40 as part of my writing equipment, loaded with the super soft 4B leads that I love in mechanical pencils.

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Thanks to: AntoLed, Won, Zampa.

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