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I received the E02 from Manker for the review.

The E02 is a compact L shaped AAA flashlight, with an electronic switch at the head and a magnet in the tailcap. I got the CREE XP-G3 Cool white version. My sample came with some esthetic imperfections and without the clip, that will be provided in the version for sale.

The light comes in this box. I got the light withlanyard, spare o-ring.

The anodization is grey, similar to the one of the MK34.
The E02 is very small (73mm long, 18 mm wide at the head) and light (33 grams) flashlight.
Here in a standoff with a linear AAA flashlight: the Lumintop Tool and an Eneloop Battery.

The switch at the head is covered by a rubber cover. It is easy to find.

Threads are square cut and anodized on both sides, so physical lockout is possible.

The interface is the classical interface from Manker.

Output and Runtime
Tested with Eneloop AAA nimh battery.

Beamshots at 0.5 meters from the wall
The small reflector will give a wide beam with a wide spot.

The spill comes out of the lights almost horizontally, probably due to the bezel with the reflective finish. This means that the light will be a good candidate to enlighten your walking plan.

My thoughts

  • The light is well built, as far as the finishing, I am convinced your purchased E02 will be flawless.
  • The magnet is strong enough to hold the light upside down or horizontally.
  • The max output of the E02 is impressive for a AAA battery, and I found that using non Eneloop quality batteries will make the max output significantly lower. The regulation is also good, not many AAA lights can get flat plots.
  • I like that the moonlight mode can be set from a super low firefly mode, do a generally more usable low mode (I couldn’t measure the output, but with my eye meter is more or less a lumen).
  • I like that the light can give you quick access to lowest, highest and last used mode.
  • I feel the lack of another mode, at 120-150 lumens.

I told Manker that this light screams an headband. They told me that they are working on it. This light will be a good purchase for someone who looks for a “throwy” L shaped light, that hopefully could also be used with an headband.

Thanks to: AntoLed for the cameras advices and the luxmeter.

More test will follow.

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