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I bought the Lumintop Tool Ti on Gearbest.
I have already reviewed the Lumintop Tool, and this version of the light has the same driver, emitter and optic. So, the beam, output and regulation are identical, and I will use the same Beamshots and runtime plots that I made for the regular Tool.

I liked the Tool so much that I went ahead and got myself the titanium version of this light, during a sale on GearBest. The Tool Ti is available in a Cool white XP-G2 version, and a Nichia 219B neutral one. I ordered the neutral but got the cool white version. GearBest customer care was very helpful and we arrived quickly to a deal.

The Tool Ti, being a premium version of the regular Tool, comes in a nicer box.

Babe, will you enlighten me?

The Tool Ti rests on a soft cushion, held by a piece of elastic tissue.

Behind the soft cushion there are the accessories: clip (that I have mounted on my Tool), split rings, eyelet, manual.

And now, in all his shining beauty, the Tool Ti.

The titanium has a glossy finish, and the light has several knurling point. The knurling is quite aggressive, as on the regular Tool.

I like the contrast obtained by the lucid titanium and the golden parts

Here’s with the regular Tool

While the lights look similar in construction, there are some differences

On the Tool Ti the pill is accessible simply by unscrewing the head, and the clip is not blackened but with a glossy finish.

Also, the Tool Ti is shorter because the tailcap is different and has a different switch. While the regular Tool has a long reverse clicky, the Tool Ti has an electronic switch (or at least that’s how it behaves regarding feel and UI).
This makes the Tool Ti shorter, and allows tailstand.

The Tool Ti still has 3 levels, mid, low and high.
The difference with the regular Tool is that the switch now has a single stage and each click will turn either on or off the light. If you turn off and back on the light within few seconds, the light will go into the next mode.
For example to get into low mode I will need 3 clicks: the first turns the light on, the second turns it off, and the third turns it on at low mode.
The light has no memory and will always turn on at medium mode.

Beamshot and Runtime

My thoughts
The Tool Ti is a nice upgrade to the regular Tool, being built with more expansive material, with a more expansive finish and with a nicer package.
However, I would have preferred to have the old switch. This, because to get to the high mode I need 1 full click and 2 half clicks on the reverse clicky of the regular version, but on the Tool Ti I need 6 clicks.
The other things I said about the regular Tool are valid:
“UI and regulation are ok. It doesn’t suck either that the pill can be removed unscrewing it and modding is easy.
Apart from that, I needed a small AAA light with a clicky switch, and I got it. For better suiting my needs, I’d like to have memory mode and the clip to rest only on the body and be much more longer (allowing deep pocket carry).”

Thanks to AntoLed for the camera and the luxmeter.

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