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I received the Lumintop Ant For the review from
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The Lumintop Ant is a compact AAA EDC flashlight with electronic switch and an XP-G2 R5 Cool White emitter. The Ant has some premium features that set it apart from most AAA flashlights: high quality material (Stainless Steel or Brass), a 1.5x6mm green tritium insert at the tailcap. I got both versions.

Both versions come in the same box, with only a label to differentiate them.

The brass Ant is kept inside an additional, air tight package, to prevent oxidation.

Both lights are identical, except the material. The Ant measures 74×15 mm.

The SS clip allows for somewhat of a deep carry, and comes already installed for both lights.

The body is rather thick for an AAA light

Details of the stainless steel version, which is mirror polished.

The electronic switch is covered by a steel cover, with mirror finish for both versions.

On the head there are some cooling fins (the light becomes quite hot at high mode at the end of the test).

Green GITD Oring under the glass

And green tritium insert at the flat tailcap (yes, the light can tailstand). There’s some slight sign of milling at the tailcap, beside that, the finish on the ant is perfect.

The brass version has a golden shine color.

Click once to turn the Ant on at low mode, again for mid mode, again for high mode, again for turning the ant off.
The switch has a kind of long run and you need to press it with decision.

Output and runtime.

Beamshots at 0.5 meters from the wall

My thoughts
The light is well built and finished.
I like level spacing and the regulation, but I should be able to turn the light off without cycling through the other modes, every time.
The Ant is a good choice if you are looking for an EDC AAA light and you want to “treat yourself” without spending too much money.
The Ant is a good choice also for a gift, with the tritium “feature”, and the easy interface (especially for a non flashaholic person).
Ideally, the SS version is the better one if you look for a keychain light, as it is the most resistant to scratches and dings.
I’d like to see this light come with a neutral white tint and a revised interface.

Thanks to: AntoLed for the camera advice and the luxmeter.

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