JetBeam Jet II PRO

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I received the JetBeam Jet II Pro from GearBest for the review.

Official Specs
Max output: 510 lumen
Reflector: orange peel reflector
Lens: Coated mineral glass
Material of body: Aero grade aluminum alloy
Finish:Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish of grey.
Battery: 1*16340 or CR123

Length: 67.8 mm
Diameter of head: 23 mm
Diameter of tail: 22.3 mm
Weight: 47.5 gram (without battery)

The Jet II Pro comes in this simple plastic box, that can be opened without cutting it.

Inside the box: the light, the strike bezel, warranty card, manual and spare o-rings.

The Jet II Pro has definitely some character: in my opinion the design is the most distinctive feature of this light. The HAIII anodization is a very dark green, as seen on the Jet-I and Jet-u.

The light comes with the “plain” bezel on it, that can be removed to mount the “strike” bezel.

The strike bezel itself can be mounted in the reverse position, making it easier to carry (practically as the easy as carrying the plain bezel).

A cool white HP-L Hi emitter in the short OP reflector. Glass with AR treatment on top of it.

Anodized threads allow physical lockout of the light. The tailcap has a golden spring that is bent in position.

The tailcap allows tailstand, and has 3 holes for lanyards.

The metallic switch on the head has a spiral motive on it.

It has a short run, with light to medium strength. The switch doesn’t protrude a lot from the surface, and I find the clip really useful to help me individuate it.
On the other side of the switch there is the JetBeam/Niteye logo.

The clip is kept in position by the pressure of the tailcap. It has a small protrusion that prevents the rotation of the clip. The protrusion accommodates on one of the 2 available dents on the body.
Some may think to glue a tritium vial in the central milling of the clip. Who am I to judge them?

The clip rests on the dissipating fins, this makes the clip really grab on the fabric especially when you pull the light from your clothes. It reminds me of my Zebralight SC31w, that had the same issue.
Size comparison with another 1xCR123 powered light: the Olight S1R.

A single click turns the light on and off.
From off, a single click turns the light on at the last used mode.
When the light is on, keep pressed to cycle between the modes: hi, medium, low, hi, medium, low.
From off, a double click turns the light on at moonlight mode.
A triple click will activate the strobe mode. The light doesn’t have memory for strobe mode.
There is an electronic lockout feature: from off keep the switch pressed for more than 3 seconds. The light will blink and it will be locked. To unlock it keep pressed the switch for more than 3 seconds.

Output and runtime
I tested the output and runtime of the light with an Efest IMR 16340 battery.

The output is consistent with the specifications.

Runtime plot

Beware that the lights has the tendency to over discharge the battery. At the end of the runtime test at hi mode, I measured 3.2 volts on my battery. Ouch!

Beamshots at 0.5 meters from the wall

My thoughts
This light is well made and has a really distinctive look. I like the two bezels, in particular I like the reversible strike bezel. I have not used it in defensive application, but I don’t have doubt about its effectiveness.
The UI is fine, although it misses a direct access to high mode.
The regulation is fine, but it tents to over discharge unprotected batteries. I suggest you to stick to protected batteries, given that there is no real performance benefit running unprotected batteries, like the IMR I used in the review.

Thanks to AntoLed for lending me the camera and the luxmeter.

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