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The flashlights are closed in a paper box. The technical info of the lights are written on the box, even the version of the lights is indicated. The lights I got are both titanium, one sandblasted the other flamed.

Inside each box there’s the light, a metal chain link, a splitring, spare orings and the manual

These quantums look beautiful and tiny. On the body there is written the Logo and the model, in a discrete way.

The flamed version is my favourite one, but keep in mind that each flamed piece is different from another: there are no 2 identical flamed quantum.

Have I told you that the quantum are very small? They are 41mm long and the maximum diameter is 12.8 mm. The titanium makes them very light: according to CooYoo they are 8.9 grams heavy, I measured 9 grams, 14 with the battery.
Here are some pics with the noble cousin Veleno Design Quantum D2 and Armytek Partner A1 HiCRI limited edition

The light has 2 modes: 8 lumen (6h) and 130 lumen (30 minutes) with 910 Cd.
The two lights are very well made, I can’t see any machining flaw (both outside and inside). The threads work smoothly.
Flamed and sandblasted finishing looks very good, there are just some small spots of difference in the flamed version. They are very small and I can’t capture them with my camera.

The quantums are divided in 3 parts, tailcap (with oring), body (with oring) and head." alt="" />[/url] When you receive the light you have to untwist the tailcap and remove the little plastic spacer that allows lockout of the flashlight. The threads are not anodized, so the led will light even if the tailcap is not fully tightened.

Inside the head there’s also the driver.

Inside the body there is the circuit that allows charging of the included10180 li-ion battery.
To charge the battery you need to unscrew the head and inser the cable inside the micro usb socket. On the + pole size of the body there is a led for the charging status. The led is bright and is red when charging, green when charged.

The two 10180 I got with the lights were both at 4.1 volt. When I charged the batteries I tried to restart the charge by removing and reinserting the cable in to the socket, and I got green led light to tell that the cells were full.

The little part sticking out from the body is the + pole that exit after the circuit.
When the head of the light isn’t completely screwed on, it will be in contact with a thin plate on the head. This will give you the 6 lumen low level.
When you fully thighten the head, it will press down the plate, giving you the 130 lumen level.

Unlike any twisty flashlight I had, this one has a strong tactile and auditory feedback: you can feel and hear a clear “clack” when you switch between the modes.

The quantums have an optic that produces a clean and regular beam pattern, good for short distances. Keep in mind that this is a tiny EDC flashlight.

The titanium lights can tailstand even with some paracord or other kinds of cord inserted. They also have 3 attaching points.

With my luxmeter I measured 380 Cd (maybe a bit more, since my luxmeter does not have peak function).

Here is the runtime test, done at room temperature. I stopped and resumed the test 4 times, both to let the light cool down (this in the first part of the test) and to measure the voltage of the cell (this in the second part).
Starting with 4.2 volt at the beginning, the battery measured 3.75 v at 15’, 3.16v at 22’30” and 3.0v at 24’00”.

I interrupted the test at the 24th minute when light was still running but the output was much lower than the initial one.
The regulation is good: after the first half you still have 70% of the initial output.
Towards the end, the lights decreases more quickly.

I did another test with the low level, it looks good.

The test was interrupted due to lack of time.
At 2 hours the battery measured 3.68v. After 2.5 hours the ligth was still running, with about 60% of the initial output, so I expect the 6 hours runtime is not too far from reality.

I tested with an original IMAX B6 my 2 10180 of my cooyoo at 0.2A discharge from 4.2 to 3.0 Volt. I had 65 mA for each.

Thanks for reading.
The lights have been provided by Gearbest

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