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I received the Acebeam PT10 for the review from Acebeam.

The light comes in this box.

Inside the box: The light, spare o-rings, manual, silica bag, warranty sheet that features a QC stamp with the date.

The PT10 is a pen shaped light, working with 2xAAA batteries, as most of the AAA Penlights do.

The design of the PT10 alternates classical, smooth design, to aggressive ones, like the one you can see on some tactical pens.

The front end of the light has a “strike” bezel, and hosts a CREE XP-L CW (Cool White) emitter, in a OP (orange peeling) reflector, with an AR coated glass.

The body has a portion with knurling, and one with lettering. The clip has good tension.

The tailcap has a volcano type milling, and knurling. It hosts a reverse clicky mechanical switch.

With my hands I could only take the PT10 so far apart: body and head.

The threads are anodized and easy to twist and untwist. The contact point at the positive pole is flat.

Here you can see some pics with an ink pen and a penlight. Overall, size is standard for 2xAA size penlights.

Here you can see it in the pocket of my jeans

Click the switch to turn the light on.
When the light is on, an half press of the switch will cycle between med-low-high-med… modes.
The light turns always on at med mode.

Beamshots at 0.5 meters from the wall
On my sample at low and mid mode the tint of the PT10 is somewhere between yellow and a green. On high mode the tint is practically a CW.

As you can see, the “striking” milling on the bezel of the PT10 makes the beam a bit hexagonal.

Here are a couple of shots at low or mid mode (can’t remember), where the green is more present, at least to my eye.

As a control, I showed my light to another person, and that person was more impressed from the brightness to notice the greenish tint at low and mid modes. The person said that I’m too picky… well, I’m here to make an in depth review of a light, and that is what I do.

Output and Runtime
Output and Runtime have been tested with Amazon Basic AAA Nimh 750mAh batteries.

After 25 minutes at high mode, the light starts blinking a lot to tell you the batteries are done.

My thoughts
The light is well built and with good finishes.
The design of this light IMHO appeals to the ones who may look for an aggressive penlight / tactical pen.
I would like the light to have memory mode, because most of my EDC penlight needs are in the 80/100 lumens range, and with the PT10 I have to cycle every time between mid and low modes, which are much lower than the high mode output.
Also, raising the bar on max output while keeping low the output of the other modes makes a gap in brightness. With the PT10 I can choose to have 30 lumens (for half an hour, then they drop to 20 for 7 more hours), and if that is not enough for my light need… BAM! 310 lumens, but half an hour later the light is pretty much done. IMHO an 80/100 level would also be good for increased runtime. So, maybe it is time for penlights with 4 levels.
The light is bright but on my sample the tint is not great. I will update the review with feedback from other owners.
I’d like to see this light come with a NW or WW tint option.

Thanks to AntoLed for the luxmeter and the camera.

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