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This is my “review” of the Charger ENOVA Gyrfalcon All-44.
Melody, from Gyrfalcon ENOVA kindly sent me one of their All-44 chargers for the review.
The usual disclaimer applies: I’m no expert on chargers or electronics, but I’ll try to give you guys my opinion as a user.

The charger comes in this box

The content of the box: power adapter with EU plug, the charger, battery spacer, manual. Compared to the All-88, the power adapter of the All-44 is significantly smaller.

The overall look of the All-44 is the same of the All-88, the 8 slot charger I reviewed previously.
However there are some differences: the backlight of the digits was red and is now white, the angle of vision is improved, the interface is simplified.
As for the ALL-88, each of the 4 slots has a slot button, and there are 2 additional buttons: C-V and FN.

The ALL-44, as the ALL-88 can handle from 26650 batteries to long protected 18650 to the short RCR batteries. Max length is 72 mm. The minimum length is 30 mm. To charge cell with shorter length, there are a couple of spacers that you can screw at the positive pole of the slot. There are a couple of clip to charge C and D cells.

Here are the old ALL88 and the new ALL44 side by side.

The angle vision is good from all angles

The display is split into 8 equal portions.
Each says:
– Voltage of the charging cells (this is not the actual voltage reading, it says what cells are you recharging: nimh=1.5V, li ion 3.7 volt=4.2, li ion 3.8 volt=4.3)
– Charging Amps
– Battery level
– Actual reading of cell’s voltage
– Charging time

After a few minutes of charging, the display will turn off, but the status LEDs will stay on. Click once a button to turn the display back on.
The main change, other than the smaller number of slots, is the interface. That is explained in detail in the manual

The charger now has 2 modes:

  • A simple mode, where the charge will start automatically, distinguishing from nimh to 4.2 volt batteries, with a 1.0A current, and the user can only change the current charge (0.1A, 0.25A, 0.5A, 1.0A).
  • A professional mode: where the charge doesn’t start automatically, and for each battery you need to select the battery type (nimh, 3.6 volt LiFePO4, 4.2 volt li ion, 4.3 volt li ion, 4.35 volt li ion) and the current (0.1A, 0.25A, 0.5A, 1.0A). For the professional mode, all the shortcuts of the ALL-88 are valid: you can copy the settings of one slot to many others, you can quick set 4.2v 1A to all slots, etc. All the shortcuts are described in my review of the ALL-88.

After a few days of use, I have to say that this updated version is significantly easier to use. Just put the cell in the slot and the charging begins, and with a couple of click you can cycle between the different charging currents.
All the current settings are good for all kind of cells, from 18650 to smaller cells, like 10180.
For 26650, 1A is still acceptable.
I believe this is the only charger other than the MC3000 that allows you to go from 1A down to such a smaller current.
I like very much the updated interface. I would like to see the status LED colour changed (from blue=charging/red=charged, to red=charing/green=charged).

Thanks to AntoLed for the camera.

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