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I received the Nitecore LA30 from Nitecore for the review.
The LA30 is a compact lantern that is able to run using 2xAA cells or an integrated 1800mAh li-ion battery (Rechargeable via micro USB port). The LA30 has both a neutral, HICRl emitter, and a red emitter.

The LA30 comes in this box.

The LA30 with micro USB cable, spare o-rings and manual.

The LA 30 has the classic design of Nitecore’s compact lights, with the emitter part with diffuser clearly distinct from the body that contains the battery and the driver. The body of my sample is a nice yellow, really easy to see.

On the body you can see the electronic switch and the micro USB port cover.

On the bottom there is the access to the battery compartment and the metallic D-ring that allows to attach the light to a rope or a carabiner. The D-ring doesn’t swivel around because there’s a notch in the plastic to keep it in place secured against the base when you don’t use it.

The bottom part is also magnetic and you can attach the light on a metallic surface.

To access the battery compartment you have to unscrew the screw on the bottom. It can be done with bare hands thanks to the knurling on the edges of the head of the screw.

Note the O-ring on the screw to insure IPX6 waterproofness.

The bottom part comes out, and you can see the 2xAA contacts. It has O-ring around it for waterproofness.

For the UI I refer you to the Nitecore LA30’s manual

Output and runtime
I got basically the same results both with Eneloop PRO and the internal li-ion cell. I avoided putting in the plot the measure of the red outputs because my luxmeter is not calibrated for red light only. For what I can tell with my eyes, Nitecore’s claimed red output can be legit.

The LA30 also has thermal regulation

My thoughts
The light is well built and finished.
The output is more than enough for a camping light, but I would like to have a 100 continuous output mode. The red LEDs provide enough light. I like the beacon-locators on a camping light.
Some people are afraid of running electronics items on li-ion or integrated batteries because of fear of running out of juice, and not be able to get it from “commonly available” AA-AAA cells.
The LA30 can be charged while the AA are in (but only the li-ion is getting charged), and it can be run while it is charging.
I really like the tint of my sample. Compared to all the other Nitecore HICRI lights, the LA30 has the warmest tint. An unmissable feature, on a lantern IMHO.

I would like to see the light come with a pouch and able to charge the AA inside of the light via the same micro USB.

Thanks to: AntoLed for the camera help and the luxmeter.

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