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I received the XTAR PB2C for the review from XTAR.COM.

The XTAR PB2C is a power bank-18650 battery charger. It is available in 2 colours: blue and orange. I got the latter version.

I have almost no knowledge about electronic, however, I’ve been using flashlights, batteries and chargers for 10+ years as a consumer. So in this thread I’ll give you my honest opinion on this product as a user.

The PB2C comes in this plastic box with paper back.

On the back of the box there are all the specs, in several languages.

Here is the bright orange of the PB2C, once out of the box. The charger comes with a manual and a USB-C cable.

The charger is made of fire resistant plastic, it measures 110mm in length, is 55 mm wide and 24 mm thick; the weight is 55 grams with no batteries.

The bottom of the PB2C is smooth and with no writing.

I don’t know how the colour of the PB2C comes off on the screen of your device, but in real life it is quite bright and eye catching. Perfect to spot in a bag at the first sight.
I like the design of the colours on the side

On one side of the body of the charger, where there are no status LEDs nor USB ports, is smooth.

The other side, has a USB-A female port (for the output) and an USB-C female port (for charging the batteries inside of it). Above the USB ports, there are the white LEDs that indicate the remaining power of the batteries inside. Every LED corresponds to 25% of charge (see the image for reference). You can also see the orange side button protruding slightly from the body, on the bottom part of the charger of the image.

Like in the PB2S, the battery compartment of the PB2C is hidden under the plastic lid, which is secured to the body of the charger via 2 magnets. There is a piece of fabric to help you remove the batteries. The 2 slots for the 18650 batteries are long enough to allow you to charge both protected and unprotected 18650 batteries.

The specs for the charger are under the lid

How does the charger work?
Just plug the device you want to charge and activate it from the standby by pressing the side switch once. The charging will begin.
The charger features protection against shortcircuit, overcharging, overheat, activation of 0v batteries. The status LEDs will also signal the short circuit/polarity reversion by flashing all at once.
The max input is 2A: either 2A on a single channel (in the event of having only one battery inserted, or 1 battery fully charged and the other one not), or 1A on each channel.
The max output is 2.1A.
You can charge a device while charging the PB2C.
When not in use, you can check the estimation of the remaining capacity of the batteries by pressing the side switch, and checking the 4 status white LEDs (again, every LED corresponds to 25% of charge).

So, for 18650 cells, the PB2C works just fine, but if you want to charge the 21700 cells, or use them as an energy source, you need to look for the bigger brother of this charger, the XTAR PB2S.

My thoughts
Overall the PB2C is a simple 18650 charger/powerbank with all the functions you might need as an EDC.
I like its compactness and bright colour.
Being powered by 18650 batteries, even a single cell will be able to give you enough juice to charge your devices while in needs.

Thanks to: AntoLed, Won, Zampa.

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