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I received the E3R from TrustFire for the review.

The E3R is a compact EDC light, featuring a XM-L2 emitter, powered by a 18650 battery. The E3R has a micro USB port for charging the battery.

The E3R comes in this box

Inside the box: Light, 18650 battery, sheath, lanyard, spare o-rings, manual.

The E3R has a narrow profile and small size (115×25 mm).”>

The battery is an 18650 with 3500mAh and PCB.

The XM-L2 is in a small smooth reflector

The tailcap tailstands and has lanyard attachment points

The tailcap threads are anodised, allowing physical lockout, and square cut.

At the head on one side there’s the electronic switch, with a metallic cover. It has a LED that glows according to the battery level (green: 80-100%, yellow 40-80%, red 10-40%, flashing red 1-10%).

On the other side of the head there’s the micro USB port for charging the battery. It is covered by a rubber switch cover that doesn’t stay in place too tightly.

In the hand


Click once to turn the light on at high mode.

Click again to cycle between high, medium, low, off.

Keep pressed to activate the strobe, click again to return to the previous mode.

Electronic lockout is activated by a longer press.

Beamshots at 0.5 meters

Output and runtime

All tested using the provided battery.

My thoughts

The light is well built and finished, although the anodisation looks more shiny than the one of other flashlights I reviewed in the past with HA III.

The output is pretty much consistent with the specs, and the regulation is fine. The thermal system works well.

I like the LED indicator with 5 different colors for the battery level. 

The switch is a bit hard to find in the dark because it’s smooth and doesn’t protrude much from the surface of the light.

I am not crazy about having to go through all 3 modes to turn the light off. 

I wish this light came in a NW version.

Thanks to: AntoLed, Won, Zampa.

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