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I received the GP3 from Nitecore for the review.

The GP3 is a flashlight that has been made to be a companion of your action camera, more specifically, a GOPRO Camera. The GP3 comes in 2 versions, a CW version (the one reviewed) and a HICRI one.

The GP3 comes in this box.

Inside of the box: the GP3 with the battery, the mount, a micro USB cable (not shown).

The GP3 with the mount.

To access the inside of the GP3, where the battery is contained and where is located the micro USB charging port, you have to open the lid of the GP3.

The battery is compatible with the GOPRO cameras, and you can see that there is a o-ring around all the surface of the lid, providing waterproofness (the GP3 is rated 10 meters submersible).

On the back of the light there is the only switch of the light: an electronic, single stage switch, for controlling the light. It is covered by a metal switchcover.

The XP-G2 S3 emitter of the GP3 is in a small, smooth reflector. The beam can effectively be smoothened by using the integrated diffuser, that slides and locks into the extremes positions.

To be a good action camera light, you need to effectively pair it with the camera. This is done with the provided mount that you saw in the previous pics. Here’s with my GOPRO 5.

Here is mounted on my headband.

Output and runtime

Instead of showing you beamshot, I made a video with my GOPRO camera, so you can see beforehand how the light acts as an action camera light.

Video type not currently supported.

My thoughts
The light is well built and finished.
The GP3 has several, well spaced levels. The regulation is very good on the tested levels.
I would like to have access to lowest and highest mode also.
I like that I can use the same battery for the GOPRO and the GP3, which also means that I can use the same battery charger, if I don’t want to charge the GP3 via micro USB port.
The diffuser works very well in smoothening the beam.
If you are on a budget, the GP3 can also work very well as a headlamp or a curtesy lamp.

Thanks to AntoLed for the camera, the luxmeter, the tripod and the camera help.

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